Art challenge

We want to see what you can create...

We have put together some fun self-guided art projects to keep you busy, inspired and empowered until we can meet face to face again!


Each of the creative prompts are designed to give you a general direction while encouraging you to make a piece in your own unique way.


Submit an image of each piece you create, along with a short description and we will display your creations in our online art gallery!


  • Work in any medium & use any materials you like. (Paint, sculpture, collage, printmaking etc...)

  • Work in any size you wish GIGANTIC... OR... Tiny... It's up to you.

  • Do all of the challenges OR just a few... These challenges are designed for you to get creative and are open to your own interpretation.  

The Youth Art Challenge begins in 


FALL 2020

We will post all the creative activities here on that day so you can get started.

You can do them in any order and submit them at any point!

We can't wait to see your creations!


For more information please contact