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Journaling for youth







Student Paper Writing

. Gratitude . self discovery . empowerment .

Writing is a great way to express our feelings in a meaningful way while exploring who we are and sparking creativity. Keeping a journal is a wonderful way to record our ideas through writing, drawing and collage.

Journaling is a great way to express ourselves while helping to better understand our feelings. It can help clear out our mind "clutter," while allowing us to feel relaxed and calm. In a sense, it transfers our thoughts and feelings from our busy minds, onto paper. 

There are many ways to use a journal and there is no right or wrong way to do it.  While some people may wish to just start writing whatever is on their mind others may rather have a theme or topic they are writing about.


You can use your journal like a diary and write whatever is on your mind at the time, you could write a story or a poem, create a collage or piece of art or use your journal like a sketch book and doodle! 

The Possibilities are endless! Remember... It is just for you... 


1 Scrap book plastic cover
Pocket folder with work sheets
Blank Pages
Colored pencils
Glue Stick
(1) piece of card Stock for  cover page


Take a minute to look through your journal materials in your camp kit.
You can use the blank pages and glue the included activity sheets in to create a journal/ scrapbook. There are lots for you to choose from and you can do them in any order you want. Feel free to use your own materials as well or design your own pages.
On the blank pages, you can draw, write, collage or express yourself in your own unique way.
Your journal is just for you! You can create a special keepsake!

Some ideas to get you started:

Design your own cover page for the front of your book! 
Draw an image of a favorite memory.
Draw a self portrait and collage facts all about YOU!
Write a poem, a story or write a song!

Did you create something amazing you would like to share? 

E-Mail an image or short video of your creation and we will share it in our Girl Power Summer Camp Gallery! Please include your first name, age and a brief description or title!

Need ideas to help you get writing & Creating?

Below are some starters and ideas to help you get writing and creating! Remember, there are lots of ways to tell a story... Get CREATIVE!!!
Self Discovery Journal starters...

What is something you have done that you are proud of?

Creative Writing/ art starters...

What is your favorite keepsake?

Gratitude Journal Prompts...

Describe a tradition or celebration you are grateful for.

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