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Role Models Activity...

inspiring & empowering role models


journaling / reflection...

Spend some time thinking about the role models you have in your life, have had, or would like to have. Doodle about who they are, Why they are important in your life or the kinds of people you need in your life to be happy, healthy and safe.
Remember, if you would like to add these to your journals/ sketch books that are currently at the Lotus Centre, please work on paper that can be glued in later. 

Role Models

This week is all about who we look up to in our lives!

  • Role Models Activity
  • Journaling/ Reflection
  • Kindness Challenge!
(See below for details)

Kindness challenge...

Do a random act of kindness for someone! A family member, neighbor, the earth, etc.
It is a difficult time for so many people right now. Lets think about the ways we can help out. I would love to hear what you are up to. Feel free to email me a photo and short writeup of what you have done. sarah@thelotuscentre.net and I will add things to the gallery space above to share with our group!