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Flying Bird
Flying Bird

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Flying Bird
Flying Bird

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Search & find nature art

Search & find nature 



journaling / reflection...

Spend some time thinking about the places we can find "Art" or beauty in nature or the spaces around us. Where are some places that we feel well and happy/ protected. Take some time to sketch or write about where these places are and why they mean so much to you.
Remember, if you would like to add these to your journals/ sketch books that are currently at the Lotus Centre, please work on paper that can be glued in later. 

Art challenge...

Lets get creative and leave some beauty for others. You could create an art collage to leave for others to enjoy, paint some rocks and hide them for others to find or create a piece of art for someone to find. Get creative!
Think about some things we can do this week that others could come across and enjoy.
Email me a photo and short writeup of what you have done. sarah@thelotuscentre.net and I will add it to the gallery space above to share with our group!

Creative Nature/ Art Week

Lets find some time to get outside, reflect and leave some creations for others to enjoy!

  • Nature Collage Art
  • Journaling/ Reflection
  • Art Challenge!
(See below for details)