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What shapes who we are as individuals?

What makes me who I am?


journaling / reflection...

Spend some time thinking about the experiences you have had that have made you who you are! Your family, the way you celebrate, the places you go or have gone and who you know are all examples that shape who you are! Spend some time thinking about the following questions and reflect by writing or drawing some journal pages!
Remember, if you would like to add these to your journals/ sketch books that are currently at the Lotus Centre, please work on paper that can be glued in later. 
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your challenge...

Lets get share some gratitude! 
There are many people that help shape who we are and our ability to succeed.  Write a letter or draw a picture for someone who has made a positive impact on your life and share it with them.
Email me a photo and short writeup of what you have done. sarah@thelotuscentre.net and I will add it to the gallery space above to share with our group!

Self Reflection

This weeks focus is thinking and reflecting on the experiences we have had that help shape who we are .

  • What things have shaped who I am?
  • Journaling/ Reflection
  • Gratitude letters
(See below for details)