The Ripple Effect ...


What is the Ripple Effect???

How do our actions or the actions of others change our lives?

Think about a stone getting thrown into a calm lake. The stone hits the water and sinks but it leaves behind ripples on the surface that spread out across the entire surface.

If we think about the stone as our ACTIONS and the Ripples as our REACTIONS we can look at how the things we do change our experiences.

Stones (Our ACTIONS or moments in time) can be good things or bad things which means so can the RIPPLES.  Take a few minutes to think about the “STONES” we throw. Make a list. Then look at the list and think of the ways we can react to the stones.

what are some examples of actions?  (the stones)
what are some examples of reactions?  (The ripples)

Some things to think about:

  • What kind of actions can we send out into the world? (The Stones)

  • What are some examples of Good Stones or Bad stones?

  • Can we change the ripples once they have been sent out? How would we do that?

  • What happens when lots of stones are dropped within our lives? Can one stone have an effect on another stone?

  • Do we have a choice about what stones get dropped in our lives?

  • Do some stones impact one person differently than another? Why? How?


Think about the “STONES” that have been thrown in your own life. How did they change your life?

lets get creative...

While thinking about STONES & RIPPLES create a piece of art.


Your piece can show the “Ripple Effect."


Use the art materials of your choice or the materials provided.  



Did you create something amazing you would like to share? 

E-Mail an image or short video of your creation and we will share it in our Girl Power Summer Camp Gallery! Please include your first name, age and a brief description or title!