Weekly Challenges ...



own bookmark

Using any art materials you would like, decorate your own bookmarks! Included is a ready to decorate bookmark and string for you to tie at the top!
Get Creative!

card decorating

Let's pay it forward...
We have included card stock for you to make a card that we will share with a resident at a local nursing home. 
Decorate your card and bring it with you on camp day and we will deliver it for you!





Lets get creative! Come up with a character or story and create a short comic strip. 
We have included some templates for you to make your very own comic. You can use the notebook provided to work out ideas. Remember to get creative and HAVE FUN!


Spending time with those you love is so important!
And one great way to enjoy quality time can be to spend time together, creating and eating a healthy meal! 
We are excited to share with you a $50 Gift Card for you to use after planning and preparing a healthy meal for the special people in your life.
We encourage you to do this activity with the ones you love! 
So take some time to think about something you would like to shop for, cook and eat together and then ENJOY!!!
We would love to see what you come up with! Please feel free to share images with us by e-mailing gpcamps@outlook.com  

Thank you to PC Children's Charity for this opportunity.